High Precision Engineering

Africa’s largest milling and 3D Printing machine

Accelerated Product Development

Our company specializes in the production of precise tools, models, prototypes, and patterns for a wide range of sectors as a leading provider of large-scale CNC and 3D printing services. We endeavor to satisfy the individual needs of each client and offer remarkable outcomes by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovative composite materials.


By combining 3D printed tooling with traditional manufacturing techniques, we can achieve faster product development, more efficient iteration, and lower manufacturing costs.

Models and props

Our advanced capabilities in the field of 3D printing and manufacturing technologies allow us to create highly detailed and precise models with exceptional surface finishes, catering to a broad spectrum of industries and specific use cases.


We are a large scale CNC & 3D printing, composites start up. We manufacture tooling, models, prototypes and patterns for numerous sectors. We support local initiatives that drive awareness and create innovation through re-purposing waste. We are passionate about sustainability, our economy and competitiveness as a country

Industries we serve


The 5-Axis Machine

The 5-Axis Machine is a sophisticated instrument for shaping, sculpting, and milling. This machine can handle even the most demanding tasks with to its vast working area of 20m in length, 5m in width, and 2.5m in height.

The machine's two independent bridges provide for maximum flexibility and precision, and the changeable heads allow for diverse and efficient milling. The 5-Axis Machine has the power and precision to complete any project, whether it's a massive sculpture, a complex architectural model, or anything else.

The 5-Axis Machine, with its sophisticated capabilities, is the ideal solution for any project or service that requires high precision and flexibility.

Omega 3D Printing

Reduce labour & lead time
Reduce waste
Improve efficiency
Create products from waste